Speaking Engagements

March 11, 2014 Stuart Bilbrough

I am available for speaking engagements and in-house training on how to use the objectives of Bean Soup effectively. You can find out more from here - Stuart Bilbrough Brochure (12) I enjoy setting aside some time each year away from my current role as CFO to share my passion for Finance and how teams all around the world can add more value. The investment for speaking or training engagements is generally based on reimbursement of time and any costs incurred. For each engagement I will provide a quote that meets your needs.

I will be presenting three sessions for CPA Australia called “Bean Soup for Breakfast.” The Part One will be held 27th March 2014

February 19, 2014 Stuart Bilbrough Bean Soup for Breakfast – Part One – is the first of three sessions that will provide you with a toolkit of valuable yet logical steps for lifting a Finance function skill set towards adding value. The sessions, based on the book Bean Soup – Beyond Bean Counting – Steps for Lifting a Finance function Skill Set Towards ‘Adding Value,’ will explain the steps, including a series of interconnected training courses, how to adapt to your organisation and provide templates that support these steps. The first session will explain: The changing requirements of Finance to provide more decision support...

I’ll be presenting at the 2014 NZICA Management Accounting Conference in Wellington 13th March 2014

February 18, 2014 Stuart Bilbrough The one hour session is titled, “TRANSFORMING FINANCE: STEPS TO LIFTING A FINANCE TEAM’S SKILL SET TOWARDS “ADDING VALUE” It will cover: - How to balance the day to day accounting and compliance needs. and- Tried and proven steps for lifting your finance team’s skill set towards ‘adding value.’

Key Skills for Adding Value Part 1: The Data – Validation and Control

February 03, 2014 Stuart Bilbrough

This is the first of six articles that look at how to transform a company’s Finance function into an effective business partner and provider of value through training. They drill down on the article, “Closing the Skills Gap,” that was published on the 8th October. This training is focused on foundation skills required for adding value. The following link is the first. Note that it includes how this skill meets NZICA’s competencies for Admission to CA status (this is based on a level 3 management accounting competency and as being completed now by my own management accountant at Radius Care)....

Article 4 – Wherefore Art Though Value

November 18, 2013 Stuart Bilbrough

The article “WHEREFORE ART THOU VALUE” follows three that I wrote for that discusses the steps for lifting a Finance function towards “adding value.” This article takes a step further and asks to what extent should we be expecting external parties that support a Finance function, and a business in general, be providing added value.